Mexico City Street Food Barbacoa Tacos & Flautas Heaven 🇲🇽 🤤

Mexico City Street Food Barbacoa Tacos & Flautas Heaven 🇲🇽 🤤

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Today we are in Mexico city to try out some delicious mouthwatering barbacoa Mexican tacos. Usually tacos are a favorite street food option in Mexico so that will be the best place to try out some authentic Mexican street food. The barbacoa is a more rare meat and a bit harder to find than say taco al pastor which can literally be found around almost every corner. I also went in and tried a Mexican flauta with some barbacoa meat in it as well. a Mexican flauta is a flute shaped hard tacos stuffed with delicious Mexican goodness, one bite and you’re in heaven. Hope you guys enjoy this Mexican street food vlog.

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